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Plank Circuit v2.0

How did you like the plankety-plank plank plank circuit from last week?

I have a few more plank variations for you this week so you can continue to challenge yourself.  If you’re not feeling like you’re ready for these harder variations, keep at the other circuit for another week or two.  Bookmark this post, and come on back when you’re ready!

Grab a yoga mat or get to a rug or carpet, and let’s get going.  There are modifications described in each of the four videos.

All levels: Start with 2 circuits.  Add a 3rd if you’re up for it.

If you’re a beginner, I suggest starting with 30 seconds per plank, with 30 seconds rest.

If you’re an intermediate, go for 45 seconds per plank, 30 seconds rest.

Advanced?  Give yourself a challenge: 1 minute per plank, 30 seconds rest.




Happy planking!

Let me know how it goes!




Plank-ety Plank Plank Plank

Only have time to do one exercise?

Make it a plank.


When you plank, you engage all of the muscles of the abdomen, the chest, and the low body.  While increasing static strength in the whole body, you also forge mental fortitude as you push yourself to hold planks for longer each time.  Doing planks regularly can help improve your posture, develop core strength that will translate into gains in your other fitness endeavors, and they make you feel like a super strong beast!

Another reason the plank is such a great exercise is that it is nearly endlessly modifiable.  It can be made easier for beginners and more challenging for advanced exercisers.  It can be done in multiple planes, thereby working the front, back, and side body depending on the variation.  The videos below include options for modifying each plank to your ability level.

Don’t believe me?  Grab a yoga mat or get to a rug or carpet, and let’s get going.

All levels: Complete 3 circuits

If you’re a beginner, I suggest starting with 30 seconds per plank, with 30 seconds rest.

If you’re an intermediate, go for 45 seconds per plank, 30 seconds rest.

Advanced?  Give yourself a challenge: 1 minute per plank, 30 seconds rest.




The best part about this circuit is that you can do it every day.  You can do it in front of the TV.  You can challenge your kids to do it with you.  You can do it in your regular clothes, and you won’t need a shower afterwards.

Go ahead.  Give yourself 10 minutes and get your plank on!

Let me know how it went for you!

P.S. I’ll be back next week with another plank workout.  You’re going to love it.



Hold it! A Static Circuit Workout


For those of you deep into the January doldrums, for whom the enthusiasm for the New Year and all of its promise has already waned, I offer to you today a simple but effective workout.

And while it may not instantly transport you to a beach with a beautiful, golden-lit sunset, it probably will make you feel better.

Baby steps, people.

This workout is a static circuit.

Static?  What’s that about?

Each of the five exercises in this circuit don’t require any movement.  You simply hold the body form– this type of exercise is known as an isometric exercise because even though the muscle isn’t moving through a range of motion, it is still under stress (this is a good thing) which is necessary for muscle growth.

This workout is five exercises done one right after the other, three times through.  The total workout time is fifteen minutes.

The first circuit is 30 seconds/exercise.

The second circuit is 60 seconds/exercise.

The third circuit is 90 seconds/exercise.

That’s right…it gets harder as you get more tired.

(How delightfully wicked of me!)

In order, the exercises are: plank, wall sit, v-sit, cobra, bridge (lift & hold).

If you know how to do those exercises, rock and roll.  If you don’t click on each one to be taken to a short video with Yours Truly espousing form cues and tips for modifications.

Let me know how you liked this workout.  Sometimes not moving much is a harder workout than you’d expect!

Good health and great happiness to you!

Need Some New Year’s Inspiration?

I’ve long-held the belief that just because your friend/spouse/parent loves to run/swim/play basketball/go hiking/lift weights, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your thing.

I’ve also long-held the belief that there is some form of exercise for everyone.

And here’s the beautiful part: your figuring out what you love to do and how your body wants to move is a wonderful journey.

Some people know instinctively that they love to play team sports.  Others might try a pick-up game of soccer and find out that they really enjoy the quiet of the golf course.  You may also try spinning for a year or a two, and then decide that a pilates class will challenge you in a new and different way.  There is no one path.

The only rule is that you do something that feels good and makes you feel confident in your body.  If you get to the point that you feel ‘off’ when you miss a workout, you’re on the right track!

When you find your fitness groove, it’s like magic.  For some people, it creates a lifetime habit of movement, flexibility, balance, and grace.  And sometimes it comes together most unexpectedly.

Here’s to finding your fitness groove in 2016.  May it be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Good health and great happiness to you!

Four Minutes to Feeling Fab

There are some days when a little warm up and shake out are just what you need to get moving.  Just a little movement can get your blood flowing and also lift your spirits to get you ready to go do great things.

And, look…I know you’re busy.

But what I have here is a four-minute full body warm-up routine.  Everyone has four minutes.  Maybe you can do it right now.  Maybe you can do it while you wait for your kid’s basketball practice to wrap up.  Maybe you can do it while you’re waiting for the water to boil while you make dinner tonight.

Maybe I should stop writing so you can get to it…..

Try it out!

Let me know how you feel!

Three Exercises That Keep Me Running

I mentioned yesterday that I’ve been fighting a few niggling injuries in my marathon and ultramarathon training.  Nothing is keeping me off the streets, but I am spending more time than usual with the ice pack, foam roller, and epsom salts.

There are three exercises that I do regularly that I credit for keeping me running. I do them every day in small sets throughout the day.  I want to keep those little annoying issues from becoming full-blown injuries.

To avoid the dreaded runner’s knee, I have been working to strengthen my gluteus medius.  A stonger glute med helps the IT band to function efficiently; a happy IT band keeps the knee tracking appropriately.  This triumvariate relationship is a great example of how pain may or may not be related to the location where you’re feeling the pain.  Working various parts of the kinetic chain helps the running gait to be as smooth and natural as possible.

Strengthening the glute med is really important for people like me– women who have had multiple babies and who have a pelvis that may not be sitting in its optimal position.

The three exercises I do are:

Fire Hydrant— two sets of 20 per leg each day

Side Plank Lift/Lower— two sets of 12-15 per side each day

Outer Thigh Leg Lift— two sets of 20 per side each day


Give those a try for a few days, and let me know how it affects your running.  I’ll be back in a few weeks for the second level of Glute Med work.

Until then, good health and great happiness to you!





How to Do a Pull Up- Step Five

Are you ready?

Can you feel the excitement?

After all of your hard work over the last month is about to pay off.

To recap what you’ve done:

STEP ONE- Flexed Arm Hang

STEP TWO- Slow Descent


STEP FOUR- Mixed Grip

I know you’re ready for it!


Start with one.

See how you feel.

See if you can add ONE more.

Go ahead.  You can do it!


What’s next?  Keep working at the pull up.  Even if you try it every other day now (rather than every day like you’ve been doing), see if you can add one rep each week.  You’re using muscles in your arms, shoulders, back, chest, abs, and legs.  What a great full body exercise!

Learning to do a pull up is a WAKE UP CALL for your kinetic chain.  You have to have all of your muscles firing together in order to be successful.  If you can carry over this awareness of muscle synchronicity to other exercises in your workout, you’ll develop a stronger, better coordinated, more efficient body.

And isn’t that what we’re all aiming for?

Want to make my day?  Leave me a comment and let me know of your pull up success.  I want to congratulate you on your hard work!