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Going Social

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not exactly BFFs with technology.  I am a bit of an anti-Midas when it comes to techy stuff: I go through laptops faster than most people, I barely use apps on my phone, and I still struggle with just how much time to invest in social media.

As I’ve been in the prep and launch mode for EQUIP Fitness Business Development, I’ve been in a crash course of social media.  I’d be lying if I said it’s not completely overwhelming.  But little by little, it’s making more sense to me.  Even better, I’m getting that awesome sense of satisfaction that comes with learning something new.

There’s also been a pretty good learning curve getting the back-end of the Balance Virtual Bootcamp established.  I’m so excited about how these workouts will be delivered early enough in the morning for you up-and-at-’em types…even those of you in Europe!  I’m also anticipating great support and community through our private group Facebook page and the optional (but you won’t want to miss it!) Google Hangout chat.  If you want structure to and accountability for your workouts, this is a great way to get it at a wickedly affordable price.

Now there are some forms of social media at which I excel.  Facebook  (<—click there to follow me!) is a personal hangout for me as well as being a way I enjoy connecting with onbalance readers.  Because I’ve demonstrated a commitment to pinning recipes and workouts and crafty projects that will keep me busy well into my 80s, I decided I should start Pinterest boards specifically for fans of Balance Personal Fitness Training.  You’ll find me pinning healthy recipes, workout ideas, and fitness inspiration there.

I’ll be blogging in the next few days about some of my favorite Pinterest finds.  Until then, follow along here–> http://pinterest.com/balancepft

Let me know what your favorite social media sites are.  Whether it’s a particular blog, or your personal FB or Pinterest boards, I’d love to know what you find interesting.  What’s your best advice to avoid falling down the rabbit hole of social media?

I always love hearing from y’all.  Go on out and make it a great Monday.

PS- If you’d be so kind as to click that “Top Mommy Blogs” button over there to the right (scroll down on some screens), I’d be much obliged.  Grazie!!


How am I doing?

In December, I posted about four goals I set for myself to achieve in 2009.  Just like I encourage my clients to do, I’m going to review them and track my progress— and shortcomings.

Goal #1- Actively Meet New People

I challenged myself to participate in the Business + Balance group more actively, and I’ve done that!  I went to the January meeting, met 11 new people, and I’ve even followed up with a few of them.  My new “super-goal” will be to follow up with each new person I meet, even if it’s just a quick email. 

I went to a “B” is for Blog workshop last week and met several new people there, too.  I am having a follow-up meeting with one person later this week.

I have not yet participated in a SIG (Special Interest Group), but I’m working well towards my goal of meeting 30 new people by April.

Goal #2- Eliminate Toxic Relationships

I am limiting my time online in communities that are a drain of positive energy.  I don’t think I’m down to 30 minutes of time per day–my stated goal–but I am staying out of heated debates and not engaging in discussions that do not sustain me.

I am working more efficiently and effectively, but I can still make improvements.

Goal #3- Improve Marketing for Balance Personal Fitness Training

New website!  Click above!  Check it out!  I think it looks fantastic, and it was one of those projects that wasn’t nearly as difficult as I’d let myself believe.  And I got it done way before my Spring Break deadline.

Media kit- I have a cover page and a bio drafted, but I’m letting them simmer a few days before revising and mailing out.  I missed my end-of-January deadline.  New deadline: February 13th.  Mailing to 25 people.

Goal #4- Continue self improvement through sewing and flying trapeze

Sewing– I have a long list of projects to work on during February, which is a month of stash-only sewing.  (That means no! buying! fabric!)  I have all of the patterns traced, and many of them include new techniques for me to try.  I am still planning on posting images of the results in the Runway on Sewing Mamas when I’m fininshed.

Flying Trapeze– The rig is down until late Spring, so all I can do now is some focused strength training and flexibility work.  To hold myself accountable, I will post one trapeze-focused workout per month in February, March, and April.

The other big goal: Running.  I posted about my training plans and racing intentions for the year.  Despite January being a month of sick kids and visiting in-laws, I have done well with my training.  I am incorporating more challenging (read: wicked hilly) runs into my weekly routine, and I am really enjoying the long runs.  The repetitiveness of left-right-left-right-left-right never gets old for me.

I have a feeling 2009 is going to be a fantastic year.