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Off to a great start!

We’re only three days in to summer vacation, but I’m feeling really good about it so far.  I know that many people like to do nothing during summer; I am not one of those people.  You’ve probably guessed by now that I have a lot of energy.  I don’t do sitting around very well.

Wednesday night The Bear’s restaurant choice was Chinatown, “because there are tablecloths and no crayons!”  Certainly finishing Kindergarten is a dignified milestone, and we celebrated accordingly.  The Monkey was well-behaved, too, and it was a refreshingly enjoyable family night out.

Thursday morning I dropped The Monkey off at MDO and The Bear and I headed to the Rockin’ River water park.  It was awesome.  We played in the fountains.  We rode around the lazy river.  I watched The Bear play on the water playscape.  We played dolphin and minnow.  We had swimming races.  But perhaps my favorite part was just lying on the deck chairs, soaking up the sun’s warmth, and The Bear saying, “I love being with you.”

Friday morning I biked both boys and myself to Fire Station 12 for a tour.  It’s one of the oldest stations in Austin, so it isn’t big or fancy.  But the boys thought it was fantastic.  They loved climbing in the fire truck, too.  Kudos to Firefighter Fred and his colleagues for being such gracious hosts.

Last night The Bear and I went to see “Annie” at Bass Concert Hall.  I had briefed him on the plot, and my sensitive boy was still a bit scared when the delightfully nasty Miss Hanigan took the stage.  He soon settled in to the magic of the musical, though, and applauded appreciatively after each number.  I was sad that he fell asleep with about 20 minutes left– but he made it until past 10.30pm, which is really late for him– but he didn’t seem to care.  He thought the whole thing was really exciting.  It was a very special night out for us.

Today there was swimming and personal training clients and a group class.  I also sewed up a dress for a birthday gift for one of  The Monkey’s friends.  We ended the day with the great summer ritual of eating ice cream.  Although we felt it was too hot to bike to Amy’s as we usually do, it wasn’t too hot for some fun playing after we ate our treat.

Sure, summer is hot.  But it’s also so much fun.


Rest. Recharge. Reframe. Renew.

After a big event like the half marathon, I like to take time to rest.  This period of rest allows my body to recharge after months of focused training, and it allows my mind to reframe my priorities.  At the end of the rest, I enjoy a renewed sense of purpose and store of energy.

I took a full week off of running.  I might ordinarily only rest 4 or 5 days, but I was still feeling the effects of my bike crash, and I felt I needed to make sure I was healed.  I began my workouts slowly, consciously feeling my muscles working and being mindfully grateful for their strength and power.  It certainly helps that the weather has been lovely of late, and breathing deeply and running through spring breezes is nourishing.

I can’t lie– I’ve had a busier than normal past few weeks.  The Bear’s Kindergarten year is wrapping up, and it seems there are now homework and activities and special presentations that require my attention and assistance.  The Husband has been travelling two out of the last three weeks, and while that means more work on the home front for me, it also means The Monkey is quite needy.  Add into the mix that I am working my old contract job right now as well, and I’m feeling pretty pressed.    The rest period came at a most opportune time, as I needed to be able to reframe my priorities and reset the balance in my life.

To that end, I have interviewed and hired a new babysitter who will work a few hours a week now through the summer.  That will give me focused time to work on my clients’ programs and maintian good communication with them.  I also took a trapeze lesson this week; while carving two precious hours out of a jam-packed schedule took some higher math to achieve, I walked away feeling confident, capable, physically powerful, and happy.  Also, I’ve spent some time with my fabrics and patterns and have a long list of sewing projects that await my attention– whenever the mood strikes.

I now feel ready to take on the next few weeks and months.  This is a busy time of year for us.  We’ve entered birthday season; and mother’s day/father’s day and anniversary season, too; we have six weeks until the end of school.  But I feel ready.  I’m rested, recharged, and ready to go.

How am I doing?

In December, I posted about four goals I set for myself to achieve in 2009.  Just like I encourage my clients to do, I’m going to review them and track my progress— and shortcomings.

Goal #1- Actively Meet New People

I challenged myself to participate in the Business + Balance group more actively, and I’ve done that!  I went to the January meeting, met 11 new people, and I’ve even followed up with a few of them.  My new “super-goal” will be to follow up with each new person I meet, even if it’s just a quick email. 

I went to a “B” is for Blog workshop last week and met several new people there, too.  I am having a follow-up meeting with one person later this week.

I have not yet participated in a SIG (Special Interest Group), but I’m working well towards my goal of meeting 30 new people by April.

Goal #2- Eliminate Toxic Relationships

I am limiting my time online in communities that are a drain of positive energy.  I don’t think I’m down to 30 minutes of time per day–my stated goal–but I am staying out of heated debates and not engaging in discussions that do not sustain me.

I am working more efficiently and effectively, but I can still make improvements.

Goal #3- Improve Marketing for Balance Personal Fitness Training

New website!  Click above!  Check it out!  I think it looks fantastic, and it was one of those projects that wasn’t nearly as difficult as I’d let myself believe.  And I got it done way before my Spring Break deadline.

Media kit- I have a cover page and a bio drafted, but I’m letting them simmer a few days before revising and mailing out.  I missed my end-of-January deadline.  New deadline: February 13th.  Mailing to 25 people.

Goal #4- Continue self improvement through sewing and flying trapeze

Sewing– I have a long list of projects to work on during February, which is a month of stash-only sewing.  (That means no! buying! fabric!)  I have all of the patterns traced, and many of them include new techniques for me to try.  I am still planning on posting images of the results in the Runway on Sewing Mamas when I’m fininshed.

Flying Trapeze– The rig is down until late Spring, so all I can do now is some focused strength training and flexibility work.  To hold myself accountable, I will post one trapeze-focused workout per month in February, March, and April.

The other big goal: Running.  I posted about my training plans and racing intentions for the year.  Despite January being a month of sick kids and visiting in-laws, I have done well with my training.  I am incorporating more challenging (read: wicked hilly) runs into my weekly routine, and I am really enjoying the long runs.  The repetitiveness of left-right-left-right-left-right never gets old for me.

I have a feeling 2009 is going to be a fantastic year.