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Crash! (Then burn)

I crashed my bicycle last Thursday.  I wish I could blame it solely on the 30-35mph wind gusts we were experiencing, but unfortunately some bad judgement is also to blame.  Thankfully I am not seriously injured.  I am scraped and bruised and not altogether well, but I am grateful to have walked away as easily as I did.

In continued bad judgement, I went ahead and ran the ZOOMA half marathon yesterday morning.   I held it together quite well until mile 10, where I could no longer ignore the crackly feeling in my ribs.  I guess they were trying to tell me how little they appreciated being slammed into a guardrail less than 48 hours before.  But I refuse to quit (notice a stubborn streak?) and finished the race.

I’m okay today.  Still bruised, still a bit gimpy.  My ego is suffering most right now.  I am going to have to cancel the triathlon training group I just promoted last week, as I feel I need time to focus on my recovery.  I want to give people my best when I coach them, and I don’t feel like I can do that right now.

One of the best things I have learned from being a distance runner is that you have good days and bad days….and you never know what kind of day it will be until you get out there and give it a try.   So I’m going to give my body a little break, and then I’ll keep lacing up my shoes and enjoying the scenery.


Are you ready?

The inaugural Zooma half marathon is less than 48 hours away!  Want to know how you can prepare for the best race day experience possible?

First of all, have you picked up your race packet?  If not, make sure you do that today or tomorrow.  There is no packet pick-up on Saturday.

Next, check the weather forecast — it’s going to be a scorcher– and plan what you are going to wear for the race.  Make sure you have worn it all before– no need to invite first-wear chafing to your big race– and are comfortable in it.  Then pin your bib number to your shorts or shirt.  After choosing which pair of shoes will give you the fleetest of feet, tie the timing chip to your shoe as directed in your packet.

Then think about what you like to eat and drink during the race.  Whatever your chosen flavor of goo, gel, bar, or nugget, make sure you have tried it in a training run and then pack it with you for the race.  If you have a certain flavor of energy drink that you love, take it with you.  The extra weight of carrying it is worth having something that makes you feel comfortable and confident that your body is going to respond positively.

Pack a post-race bag: this bag will be dropped near the start line and be accessible to you after the race.  It should, therefore, have things like a full change of clothes (don’t forget dry undies, whatever type of bra you prefer, and clean socks!) and a small toiletry kit with facial wipes, deodorant, hairbrush, and feminine hygeine products if necessary.  You can also pack things like a hat and sunglasses if you didn’t wear them during the race.  If you have a favorite post-race snack, pack it with you.  Although there will undoubtedly be food at the finish, you’ll be glad you have something you know you like.

You should also be giving plenty of attention to what you eat today and tomorrow.  Don’t try anything new, especially if it’s spicy.  By eating as cleanly as possible today and tomorrow, you’re doing your body the favor of spending less time processing food and more time keeping muscles healthy.  Also, drink plenty of water starting today to make sure your body is well hydrated. 

Most importantly, rest.  There are no more workouts that will help with race day.  Maximize your energy stores by staying off of your feet as much as possible.   I also suggest going to go to bed early, not just tomorrow night before the race but tonight as well.  Tonight’s sleep is key for fresh muscles Saturday morning, especially because of race logistics that dictate being on-site so early.

See you at the starting line!

There’s still time!

Looking for a good challenge to motivate you through the last part of winter and early spring?  For all the women in the Austin area, I suggest looking into the ZOOMA Austin Half-Marathon.  If you can run 4-5 miles comfortably now, there is still time for you to increase your mileage safely and compete in the race.  It promises to be a not too difficult out-and-back course with a fantastic women’s expo at the finish– Hyatt Lost Pines Resort. 

I just found out today that I will be leading the pace group for people looking to run 9 mins/mile, which is just under 2:00 for the half.  If you’re already training and looking for a race goal, want to join me?

I’m excited about this new race and the focus on women’s fitness that it brings.  Long-distance ladies, unite!