Comrades Update: Enjoying Rest

It’s been two-and-a-half weeks since my disappointing Comrades qualifier at the Dallas Marathon.  As was the plan I set out several months ago, I’ve been taking it easy on the running front.  This break from long workouts was perfectly timed, what with Christmas and three young kids out of school and a husband on a business trip and visiting parents and all.

After the marathon, I took off five full days from running.  I enjoyed a massage and some epsom salt baths.  I spent a little more time than normal doing yoga and stretching.  I tried to keep myself well hydrated and get extra sleep.  I didn’t really feel like my body needed much recovery from the marathon, but my mind sure did welcome the break.

On the Saturday after the race, I took my two younger kids to a nearby park.  While they played a game of pick-up soccer, I got in an easy 30 minute run with zero aches or complaints.  It felt great to have recovered so quickly.

In the ten days since, I’ve gone for a few more easy runs.  I’m running when I feel like it, as fast or slow as my body feels like going.  Right now, it’s just about enjoying the feeling of each step.

Perhaps my best Christmas gift this year was going out for a very hilly 4.5 mile (7K) run with my dad, my husband, and our two sons.  It wasn’t fast, but it was a great family effort.  To give my kids the same gift of running that my dad gave me is one of my great joys of motherhood.




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