3 Last-Minute Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank

To say that I’m a frequent user of Amazon Prime is an understatement.  We could, apparently, make a Christmas tree out of boxes that have arrived on my doorstep recently.


If you’re struggling to find a gift for that active person on your Christmas list, it’s not too late for Amazon Prime to come to the rescue.  Today I want to recommend three budget-friendly items that I have bought and used myself that I recommend regularly to others.

My favorite socks

I’ve worn DeFeet socks for running for at least 20 years.  I like their thin profile, and I LOVE their fun designs.  I still race in Texas flag DeFeets, just like I did when I was a homesick Texan living in Boston in the late 1990s.

But my favorite socks for gifting are the smiley face socks.  I mean, really….how can you have a bad workout if your socks are smiling?  Impossible!

I love to gift these socks to my personal training clients as they reach their goals.  Hooray for smiley socks!

My favorite strength training book

Like many runners, I’m terrible about making time for strength training.  But this book has a program that’s so easy to follow (click here for full blog review) that there’s no excuse not to do it.

If you know a runner who is reluctant to begin strength training either because she doesn’t know what to do or because she feels like it will take too much time, this is the book they need!

My favorite yoga mat

It’s thick.  It’s cushy.  It’s not slippery.  All of these things is important if you’re trying to progress your practice, particularly doing balancing postures or work on hands and knees.

It has a handy carrying strap.  It comes in cool colors.  It’s affordable.

It’s pretty much perfect.

Go forth and give gifts!  And may you receive health and happiness in return!

The links included in this post are affiliate links.  If you choose to purchase an item through these links, I receive a small referral fee.


2 responses to “3 Last-Minute Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank

  1. These are some good gifts (for me)! I’m a fan of fun socks, too.

  2. Those socks are soooo comfy and great if you’re prone to blisters! I highly recommend them

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