Comrades Update: Taper Crazies

taper time

I’m twelve days out from my Comrades qualifier, the Dallas Marathon. The taper always makes me crazy.  That means I’m trying to find ways to spend all of my running time since I’m not running much. I’m also trying not to drive my family crazy with my thoughts, about 80% of which are marathon-related right now.

Luckily for me, I have a middle schooler who has a jazz band dinner concert fundraiser next week, and it just so happens I got volunteered volunteered myself to make the decorations.

I have been knee-deep in donated vintage sheet music, trying to papercraft as many of the decorations as possible in an effort to keep costs to a minimum.  Once I decided on a “star” theme, I scoured Pinterest for inspiration.  None of these ideas is original.  I’m not a true creator, but I sure can execute other peoples’ ideas!

For dinner table decor, I have two different centerpieces: one with greenery and one with an LED tealight.  I hope it will be a nice balance of color and light.

One of the benefits of having a preschooler at the same time as a middle schooler is that I still have friends who have babies.  I’ve dressed up baby food jars with sheet music and die-punched gold stars plus a little twine.  My local Christmas tree lot donated the cuttings.



I learned how to make paper bags, and used the sheet music to make luminarias.  I’ll be dropping a LED tealight into the bottom of the bag, and it looks so pretty coming out of the star-punched holes.



For the serving and drinks tables, I have about 200 meters of paper chains.  And I still have more to make.  This is a great project for The Stowaway (age 4) to help with.


We’ll hang these super cool 3D stars from the ceiling.  Add some white fairy lights around the room, and I think it’s going to be a stunning look.


While I love running, I’m glad that the timing of my Comrades-qualifier taper has freed up some time right now.  Making these decorations has been a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to see how fantastic it all looks at the dinner concert next week.  I’m grateful I can support The Bear and his amazing band of talented musicians– did I mention they were voted the top middle school jazz band in the country by the National Music Educators Association?– by spending my taper time getting my crafty on.

Good health and great happiness to you!


2 responses to “Comrades Update: Taper Crazies

  1. Good luck in the Dallas marathon! Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

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