Pull Up Power in Just Five Weeks

I’ve been working as a personal trainer for more than seven years, and if there is one thing that people have as a goal– regardless of their starting level of fitness or activity preference– it is to do a pull up.  I’ve blogged about the specificity of training required to learn to do a pull up, and I included them as a bonus exercises when I ran my virtual bootcamp.

But I still get a lot of questions about the best way to learn to do a pull up.  To help you out, I’m going to run a five-week video blog series.  Each week is one step to build up the strength and muscle coordination to do a pull up.  Practice the move in the video each week, and then move on to the next step when the next video is posted.  That will happen weekly on Thursdays.

As it is only Monday, I want to give you a few ideas of how to get yourself ready for this virtual training.  First of all, you need a strong and secure bar to use for your pull ups.  If you’re a regular at the gym, this is easy.  If you’re a home-based exerciser, you have a few options.

I recommend the J-Fit Deluxe Doorway Pull Up Bar.





Depending on your door frames, you may prefer this over-the-door style:

I have the first option, and I like it just fine.  It’s easy to mount, easy to put away when I’m done, and it’s worked well for at least five years.

If you don’t want to mar your home in any way (mine leaves little circular marks on my door jamb, but I can wipe them away when I finally get around to it), maybe you have a park nearby.  While you won’t have the cushy grips that you’d find on a dedicated pull up bar, I guarantee there is a metal bar of an appropriate diameter (comfy in your hands) that you can use.  This is an especially good option for parents of a small child who would be ecstatic to go to the park for 10 minutes a day for the next five weeks.  (Trust me, I have one of these small people myself.)

Otherwise, you don’t need any equipment.  See how easy this is going to be?

All it requires is your dedication for a few minutes every day.  The tutorial videos are about 30 seconds long.  You’ll think about the body mechanics as I describe them, and then try to replicate it yourself.  I’ll give you a goal for each week’s daily workout and a suggested goal before you move on to the next step.

You can do this. I believe in you.

Get yourself equipped, and you’re all ready to go.

See you Thursday!

Disclosure: The links included to the products are Amazon Affiliate links.




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