Aqua Yoga: Summertime Stress Relief

2013-06-13 19.14.19

This is the first in a five-part series about aqua yoga.  

The dog days of summer are upon us.  Even though this has been a tolerably hot summer in Austin (read: not 100 degrees every single day), I find myself drawn to the water.  Even when it’s too hot for many people to want to be outside– much less exercise outside– aqua yoga offers an opportunity to move your body, still your mind, and relieve stress.

Ask anyone who has a regular yoga practice, and they’ll likely tell you that yoga helps them feel balanced.  Because yoga emphasizes the link between breath and body, most people find that they are more calm and focused with a regular practice.  The science behind the yoga and stress relief connection is starting to be documented, too.  It turns out all of your friends who claim yoga makes them feel “centered” aren’t just making it up!


For many people, though, a standard mat practice can be challenging or intimidating.  Aqua Kriya Yoga, however, offers a practice that allows people to feel buoyant, enjoy the hydrostatic pressure against the body, take pressure off of joints, and experiment with balance through familiar and slightly-modified asana.   Individuals who often feel otherwise marginalized by traditional yoga or fitness classes can be confident that aqua yoga is an inclusive, supportive way for them to establish and cultivate their mind-body connection.  What is possible in the water is incredibly encouraging.

Over the next four Thursdays, I’ll be exploring some of the highlights of aqua yoga.  I’ve been teaching classes for more than two years now, and what I’m going to share with you are the nuggets of wisdom I’ve learned from both my personal aqua yoga practice and feedback from students.  Make sure you’re subscribed to OnBalance so you can try this introduction aqua yoga for yourself.

While an aqua yoga practice is refreshing in hot summers, it shouldn’t be limited to just one season.  It’s a fantastic year-round compliment to any busy lifestyle with wellness at the center.  I’m hoping to add an indoor location to my outdoor, summer aqua yoga offerings starting in September– stay tuned!


Check out the other posts in this series about Aqua Yoga:

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Not in Austin?  To find an aqua yoga class near you, check out Aqua Kriya Yoga’s class listings nationwide.  There are now classes in many states, and it’s going international!  Come see why so many people find their mind-body bliss with the combination of water and yoga.


4 responses to “Aqua Yoga: Summertime Stress Relief

  1. Thanks for spreading the word about the wonderful benefits of taking a practice into the water.

  2. I wish I lived in Austin so I could take your class! And do I spy Cassie in that second photo? 😉

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