School’s Out For The Summer!


It’s the last day of school today!

The Monkey is wrapping up 3rd grade, and The Bear is finishing 6th grade.   I’m pleased to report that is was a fabulously drama-free school year.   The Monkey had a great year, reveling in his goofy kid-ness while doing well in his classes and keeping his energy focused on recess.  😉  He had a super awesome teacher this year.  He’s the kind of guy you wish every 8 year old boy could have as a role model: thoughtful, fair, kind, and unwavering in his expectation of excellence from the kids.  In fact, he’s such an inspiring teacher that I did something I’ve never done before (and swore I would never undertake), and I made a t-shirt quilt out of his old school t-shirts as a thank you gift.  The Monkey is so excited to present it to his teacher today.


The Bear really enjoyed his first year of middle school, especially his fine arts courses of theater arts and beginning band.  He’s a super strong math and science kid, so to see him enjoy the arts so much– while still doing well in his academic classes– was a real thrill.  So now he’s 1/3 of the way through middle school– how fast was that?!

Yesterday was the last day of school for The Stowaway.  And what’s the best thing to do to celebrate the end of the school year when you’re a four-year-old?  Going to a fairy tea party, of course!


We have an awesome independent toy store here in Austin, Terra Toys, and they throw this fabulous FREE fairy tea party at the beginning of summer.  My favorite fairy and I have gone the last two years, and it’s such an adorably magical afternoon.  Just the right way to kick off summer!

There are conversations forthcoming about summer chores and daily reading goals and daily activities, but for now, I choose to pause and take a deep breath of gratitude.  For all those teachers and volunteers who put in hours of work to help me raise inquisitive, socially-aware children, I am grateful.

Happy Summer, Y’all!

P.S.  If you’re looking for a way to keep your kids active and healthy this summer, check out our elementary school’s Summer MVP program.


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