Beach Bum & Fitness Fun

2013-08-08 12.47.10

Ahhhh, the beach!

I’m back on Cape Cod for my annual vacation.  This year I’m planning a nice balance between relaxing with my feet in the sand and listening to the waves, playing with my kids, and keeping up with my marathon training.

I know that I’m better about holding myself accountable if I lay out a few ground rules before I go on vacation.  Here’s what I’m aiming for this year:

1. Start the day with a green smoothie most days of the week.  I know I’ll have at least one Dunkin’ Donuts Boston Kreme donut.  And I’ll love it.  But most days?  Green smoothie.

2. Say ‘YES’ to the kids when they ask to play paddleball…be pulled through the waves…race on the beach…throw the ball around…fly a kite.  There are still plenty of hours left to relax in a beach chair.

3. Eat a salad every day.  I’ve done this the last two years, and it makes me feel good.  Remember that when I feel good, I am nicer.  That’s a good thing.

4. Honor thy Google calendar.  It has my running training plan on it.  I need to take advantage of having so much free time (and grandparental help) to go for quality runs.

5. Check email only once per day.  At the most.  Giving myself a break may help me remember email isn’t actually all that important.

6.  Spend one-on-one time with each kid.  They deserve it, and I always enjoy it.  It’s hard to parent with a zone defense all the time.  Being able to let each kid choose something special– a hike, a board game, an outing– and then getting lots of attention is what vacation should be about.

7. Enjoy eating ice cream.  But just the kiddie cone.  It’s still tasty, and there’s plenty of it.

That’s enough.  I don’t want to overwhelm myself.  It is vacation after all.

Good health and great happiness to you!



4 responses to “Beach Bum & Fitness Fun

  1. Wow, have a wonderful time!! XOXO!!

  2. I love your vacation ground rules! I am going to use those for our vacation.

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