Summer Workout Options

It’s June.  When did that happen?

If you’re in a bit of a panic state (NOT THAT I AM, PROMISE!) about summer coming, having the kids around more, and still trying to keep fit, read on.

What are your stumbling blocks to exercising during the summer?

  • Kids at home
  • Kids going to multiple camps/activities so you’re in the car all day?
  • Too hot
  • Interrupted by vacations

If you have kids at home, why not include them in your exercise plans?  Play soccer in the backyard, invent a game that will keep you all moving, or take them to a playground where you can use the equipment to exercise.

If you’re driving the mom taxi all summer, see where you can find just 10 minutes of time a few times a day.  You can go for a walk, step up and down a curb in a parking lot, or even do a 10-minute cardio blast (that’s from my Balance Virtual Bootcamp)…all without any special equipment.

Too hot where you are? I know the feeling!  Check out my rundown of Five Ways to Beat the Heat and keep exercising through the summer.

Are your workouts interrupted by going on vacation?  I know how that goes, too.  But with a little planning ahead, you can get some workouts on your calendar before you leave.  Giving yourself this accountability tool may be the motivation you need to keep at it while you’re away.  Also, make a list of rules before you leave so you know you have room to relax and enjoy while you’re on vacation, too.  Even if your summer vacation is a staycation, setting guidelines can keep you on your path to wellness.

And if you do happen to be one of those people who is in a bit of a panic about summer coming, why don’t you round up a friend or two and go on a walk.  You can talk through some survival strategies and even set up a time to walk again.  Having a friend along always makes life better.


Good health and great happiness to you!


3 responses to “Summer Workout Options

  1. We had a challenge with some coworkers awhile ago and downloaded some pedometers on our phones to see how many steps we take a day. I found that on the weekends when I spend my days with kids, I easily do the 10 000 steps recommended for good health. When at work though, I have to plan to get them in the day (which I don’t now when I am riding the bike to work. In the winter I walked pert of the way and that worked well). So I think spending time with kids is a great way to keep moving, and I like your 10min cardio blast if the day has been sedentary! The only thing is that at least sometimes I miss the hard core training where I can just focus on me, and those are sometimes hard to plan to fit in the day..

    • I agree that having time to myself is a huge motivator to exercise. But I also know my reality, and that doesn’t always happen. Love the idea of a co-worker challenge. What a great way for everyone to get more movement into their day.

      • The challenge ended up with most people using stairs instead of the lift at work too, so there was a good outcome in the challenge too!

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