Hellish High Heels

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People always tell me: “You’re so lucky!  You get to wear workout clothes ALL DAY LONG!”  And while I admit that not having to buy office attire, pay for the dry cleaning, and keep up on top of fashion trends is quite appealing, I do sometimes wish I had more occasion to wear “real clothes.”

Then again, I’ve been collecting a few stories from the last few years about the problems wearing high heels causes women.  Now, before you go dismissing this as junk science and a waste of research resources, the New York Times begs to differ.  In this report, they outline the dangers of high heels as documented by Australian scientists, the first group to study the injury risk and biomechanical modifications from wearing high heels.  For those of you interested in the results but don’t want to read through the study, you’re in luck: the results show that women who wear high heels have shortened calf muscles and they put more direct strain on the calf muscles because of the gait they adopt to accommodate wearing the high heels.  This increases the wearer’s injury risk.

If that doesn’t seem significant enough to get you to rethink your footwear, check out this video of a 3-D scan of a foot in a high heel.  What you’ll see there is a deformed foot that orthopedic surgeons agree is at a significant risk for injury.  These potential injuries may be as simple (but painful!) as a bunion or as serious as bones that have slipped into an anatomically disadvantageous position.  The problems that can arise from these injuries will affect your ability to walk, run, jump, and just get through your day.

I’m not here to be the fashion police.  I’m not here to wish you ill will if you choose to wear high heels regularly.  But I do hope you’ll take a look at these studies and scans and be informed.  Your feet– they’re the key to good understanding in life!

Good health and great happiness to you!


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