Twenty-Minute Time Out

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It’s been a busy March.

My family had a fantastic Spring Break vacation to London, where we visited lots of old friends, played in our favorite parks, explored several museums, and rode all manner of public transportation.  We were spoiled by gorgeous weather– sunny and high 60s– which meant we were able to spend hours each day outside enjoying the city.

Our reentry to reality has been a bit rough.  I’m grateful that all three of my kids were such flexible, happy travellers, but jet-lag hit my three-year-old Stowaway pretty hard.  We’ve had a week of not-so-pleasant behavior, with added Mama-clinginess thrown in for good measure.  I’m not going to lie to you: it’s been exhausting for both of us.

Add in that I opened registrations for my swim lessons on Monday, and I’m in full prep mode for next Monday’s kickoff of Balance Virtual Bootcamp.  I’m back to seeing my full slate of personal training clients.  And there are the other two delightful children who also deserve my attention and interest in their soccer games, piano practice, and choir concerts.  So, yeah, it’s been a busy month.

I’m working hard to keep my sense of balance– I calendar my own workouts and ensure that I get at least 20 minutes of quiet time each day.  That time may come during a run or doing something glamorous like grocery shopping, but I know that I need the alone time to breathe deeply.  On days I’d like some chit-chat, I’ll walk to my neighborhood bakery and enjoy a decaf, non-fat latte (what one local joint calls a “no fun”).  I always run in to someone I know there, and having just a few minutes of “water-cooler talk” helps me feel connected to other people in my community.  It’s never a long experience, but giving myself a few minutes every day where I can drop the mantle of being responsible for everyone else is rejuvenating.

What’s your favorite way to recharge?

Good health and great happiness to you!



It’s not too late for you bloggers and fitness enthusiasts to help spread the word about Balance Virtual Bootcamp in exchange for a free registration.  Leave a comment or shoot an email to karen at balancepft dot com to see how we can work together. 




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