Planning for Summer

On Monday I admitted that it’s been kind of a bummer of a winter for me, training-wise.  That can mean only one thing: I’m starting to look ahead to summer!

Summer in Austin is brutal.  There are no two ways about it.  We are talking surface-of-the-sun hot for a solid two months (if we’re lucky) and just plain miserable for three months.  But there are ways to get yourself ready to endure the heat beast.

Right now is a good time to set a late-spring training goal.  Maybe you’re looking at a 10K or a sprint triathlon?  Peak season for shorter distance road racing and sprint tris is May and June, so it’s time to start putting training plans in place if you have those goals.  For most people, a 12-week training effort will yield best results, as that is enough time to get you tuned up for your event, but it’s not so long that you lose focus or get yourself injured from overtraining.

Maybe you want to set yourself a goal of a destination-event during your summer vacation.  Again, now is the time to start surfing online to find out what is available.  Or you can do what my family did growing up, and plan the vacation around the race!  It’s a good way to keep yourself motivated, and having a race involved adds another layer of anticipation to the already-exciting reward of going on vacation.  This anticipation adds to the happiness you feel regarding the event, so it’s like you’re getting a double-dip of mental boost from the exercise.

Perhaps your summer goals may be about trying something new.  Maybe you want to go for a swim in a variety of local pools and swimming holes.  As always, the more planning and prep work you do now, the more likely you are to achieve your goal later.  I can say from experience that if you live in Central Texas, this is a really fun summer goal– and it’s one the whole family gets to enjoy.

There’s always a logistical element to planning ahead (duh!), but getting all the puzzle pieces to fit together is part of the fun for me.  Right now I’m juggling my swim lesson schedule, family vacation time, boys going to soccer camp, childcare for The Stowaway, and a number of as-yet-unknown variables for Summer 2014.  But I also know that I’m starting to plot out my strategy for starting marathon training in July (yes, you read that right!), as I’m still hoping to get in to the NYC Marathon this November.  As that is my big fitness goal for the year, I find it easiest to put it on the calendar and work backwards from that date.

All of this means I have a lovely few months ahead of me to do some new things.  More about that in the next post!

Do you have summer plans yet?  Do they involve fitness goals?


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