It’s been a long, hard winter

I used to live in Boston.  I trained for four Boston Marathons through those cold, harsh New England winters.  I can’t say I ever really liked winter, but I can say for certain I don’t like this year’s version of winter.  I live in Austin now, for Pete’s sake!  The trade off for our surface-of-the-sun summers are supposed to be mild winters.  But not this year.

In the last five weeks, my kids have had three late-start school days and three ‘snow’ days.  (In fact, my boys are at school today doing a make-up day.) I’d show you photos of how we’ve been out building snowmen, sledding, and frolicking in the snow, but this is the ‘snowiest’ shot I could compose:


Yup.  That’s it.  And that was the “big” snow day.

Can you tell I’m not really excited about all of this?

Here’s the thing: I’m not a person who needs a strict routine in order to survive; rather, I relish the flexibility in my schedule, the way it changes each week, how my life and work takes me out and about in my community.  But it takes a lot of logistics to manage this kind of life with three kids.  And to have these carefully-planned logistics upended every week is getting tiring.

Throw another challenge into this: my husband went on a nine-day business trip in the middle of this winter madness.  While I’m so fortunate to have a partner who understands and compliments my desire to live life on our own terms, losing his hands-on help on a daily basis is hard.  I am grateful for what he adds to the regular rhythm of our family, and I– and the kids– miss him when he is gone.

The other really challenging issue I’ve faced this winter is not being able to run in the cold.  My body has turned Texan on me, and I’ve had several episodes of hives after running in the cold weather this winter.  The hives themselves wouldn’t be so concerning, except for each episode has lasted for 5-7 days.  I certainly don’t want this reaction to progress to a more severe condition, so I’ve been running only on the weekends, which are somewhat miraculously the warm weather days we’ve had in the last month.

And, yet, there’s so much to be grateful for:  My family has all stayed healthy throughout the whiplash weather we’ve had in Austin.  I have worked with a new client every week so far this year.  Two Balance-client babies have been born in the last month.  I’ve started going to pilates regularly again.  And, most importantly to me right now, the forecast is warm and sunny skies ahead.


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