Three Years of Surprises

2013-11-22 12.53.05

I can’t believe it.

Today my daughter The Stowaway turns 3.

This is my surprise baby, my baby who I spent months thinking about before she was born, wondering how she’d fit into my life and our family.

Friends assured me that I’d love her and that soon I wouldn’t be able to imagine my life without her.

I loved her immediately, but it was all too easy to imagine my life without her.  My business was really taking off when I found out I was pregnant.  I was so worried that continuing to build my client base while I had a newborn would be challenging.  It was, but I pressed on and made childcare arrangement after childcare arrangement and things have flourished.  I also imagined a life without her that would include doing more things with my boys—taking them roller skating, ice skating, mini golfing, rock climbing—all kinds of things that are just impossible to do with an infant.  It’s not that I wished her away, it’s just that life with a small person is awfully inconvenient.  But as the bond between The Stowaway and her brothers grew, I learned that while I could imagine our family without her, they could not.

I don’t know when it happened—sometime in the past year—but I have most certainly come to find a life and family without her an impossibility to imagine.  She has become my sidekick, entertaining me everywhere from playgrounds to the grocery store.  To be around someone who is so joyful and ebullient all the time (well, except when she’s not…..and then, WHOA!) is contagious.  Her personality, her wonder, her affection, and her joy are, indeed, an unexpected blessing.

We have our rituals, The Stowaway and me, and one of our favorites is going hiking after we eat our lunch at Taco Shack every Friday.  I love to watch her run.  I love to watch her play in the water.  I love to watch her climb on boulders.  I love to watch her throw rocks into creeks.   It is on these trails that we are in our element.

2013-11-01 12.31.22

Happy birthday, Sweet Girl.  You upended my world only to bring me great balance.  Thank you for being you.

2014-01-09 12.46.00


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