2014 Goals

I use goal-setting regularly for both personal and professional development.  I’ve described goal setting strategies before, so today I wanted to publicly state my top 5 goals for 2014.

1. Surf less, sew more.  When the kids go to bed, I get 30 minutes of internet time.  No more checking email endlessly, thinking of ‘one more thing’ to do, or wondering how it got to be 10pm so soon.  Instead, my work time during the day needs to be more efficient, and my ‘time off’ in the evenings is mine for creative development and chatting with my husband.  Sewing projects, here I come!

2. Run a marathon.  It’s been nearly 10 years since I ran a marathon.  (I did run two ultras a few years ago.)  I’ve been training towards a marathon in early March.   I’ll decide in the next few weeks whether that is a go or not.  I’ve also applied to run the NYC Marathon in November.  Wish me luck that I get in via the lottery!

3. Three Kids Weekly photo project.  I want to take at least one photo a week that has all three of my kids in it.  I’ll write a short (like 1-2 sentences short) blurb about the image and catalog the collection.  This seems doable to me in a way that putting together an annual photo book has proven not to be……

4. Find answers.  I have some very small health issues that have annoyed me for several years.  I’m ready to dig a little deeper to see if there is anything I can do to treat my body more nicely and resolve some of the annoyances these issues create.

5. Bring Balance to more people.  2013 was a year of great growth for Balance Personal Fitness Training, and I’m excited to grow Balance Virtual Bootcamp this year.  I’m also searching for a place to hold Aqua Kriya Yoga classes in the winter months.  Walking the fitness journey with others gives me a great sense of satisfaction.


What about you?  What are your plans for health and happiness in the new year?


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