Gifting for Fit Friends: Kids

Continuing the blog series about holiday gifting in support of health and wellness, let’s turn our attention to the kiddos on our list.

For the youngest kids, I’m going to make a recommendation for a ball I absolutely love.  The Gertie Ball has been our family’s favorite ball for years.

It is a sturdy ball, good for throwing, light kicking, and rolling….but the best part is that it is meant to be inflated & deflated regularly.  It’s the perfect toy for carrying in a travel bag, and when kids need a break you can inflate it in 10 seconds.

For elementary-aged kids, bicycle accessories are always a hit.  Raskullz makes super fun bike helmets, which can be a great way of getting a reluctant kid to wear one regularly.


You could also find a funny sounding bell, which while useful for safety’s sake will also entertain a child for way longer than you, the adult, might enjoy.

Mirrycle Honka Hoota Bike Horn

Electra 8 Ball Bike Horn

The parents of these kids would probably be more than happy if you wanted to make a contribution toward gymnastics lessons, soccer enrollment, or swim team fees.  (Just check with the parent first to make sure both parent and child agree this is a good gift!)

Your enthusiasm and support for a child’s wellness is a wonderful way to show that you care.

Good health and great happiness to you!


Disclaimer: I get absolutely nothing for making these recommendations.  I just like telling you about products I think do a great job supporting a lifestyle of wellness.


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