Gifting for Fit Friends: Mind/Body

In the last post, I gave some gift ideas for the runners and cyclists on your holiday list.  Today let’s think about those friends and family who enjoy yoga and/or pilates as part of their wellness practice.

If you have a yogi who travels a lot, taking the mat isn’t always practical.  Good thing there are grippy gloves, which eliminate the slipperiness of sweaty palms and let a yoga practice happen anywhere.

Similarly, grippy socks work well if you’re prone to sweaty feet or like to practice indoors on slick floors.

Both of these products are made by Gaiam, a company well-established in the market for making quality yoga accessories.

If you want to encourage a beginner yogi, check out the Copy Cat Yoga Mat.

With hand and foot placement detailed right on the mat and images of several popular asana also easy to see, remembering the correct body positions is now easy.  I’d suggest that this confidence-building mat be used in conjunction with instruction by a knowledgeable, practicing (and preferably certified) yogi.

Know someone who likes pilates but gets cold feet during class?  Etsy seller Cutefinds4U has a selection of heel-less and toe-less socks.

Many of her selections are vegan, so they’re sure to please the most discerning person on your list.

If none of these ideas seems to fit, I’m sure your loved one would be more than happy to receive some pre-paid classes at his/her favorite studio.  Knowing that you support the wellness practice is an incredible gift itself!

Good health and great happiness to you.


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