Holiday Plans

Are you in a Halloween-celebrating place?  If so, Happy Halloween.  As you can see from the above photo (taken at the school carnival last week), this is a fun day for my family.  I never thought I’d get so much joy out of sewing our costumes and dressing up, but to see my kids so happy is a real thrill.

Not to rush your Halloween festivities, but have you given much thought to what your plans are for keeping yourself on the wellness track during the holiday season this year?

I have.

Next Monday, November 4th, we’ll be kicking off our FOURTH round of Balance Virtual Bootcamp.  This “Healthy for the Holidays” edition will keep you moving towards your wellness goals during the often diet-deadly and fitness-unfriendly months of November and December.

Three times a week for eight weeks, a workout arrives in your email in box.  Each workout can be modified to suit any fitness level– from beginners to fitness fiends– and requires very little time or equipment.  There are written descriptions of all exercises plus links to videos that demonstrate good form and modification options.

And just because no one likes to do these things alone, there’s also a private Facebook page where you can share your wins and challenges with the group.  It’s also a place to ask questions and learn new ideas for creating a healthy lifestyle.

The best part is that the entire Balance Virtual Bootcamp is only $50.


I strive to create exceptional value and realistic but challenging workouts.  Here’s what some Fall Balance Virtual Bootcamp participants said about their experience:

“I think you did a great job of mixing up the workouts, so our bodies were always challenged.  Our minds, too, since sometimes it was a counting workout, sometimes it was for time, etc.  I love sore muscles and always have them after my Balance workouts!!”

“I appreciated the videos that showed modifications to lessen the impact of a lot of the more high impact exercises for those of us with bad knees.”

“Pretty challenging but I could really feel it was working muscles that need it!”

Registration for Balance Virtual Bootcamp “Healthy for the Holidays” is OPEN NOW!

Have questions about how Balance Virtual Bootcamp works?  Check out the posts here and here— or leave me a question in the comments.

Good health and great happiness to you!

(And if you’re one of those people who is thinking that you might want to take your passion for fitness and turn it into your business, make sure you’re following my other blog at EQUIP Fitness Business Development.  It’s packed with ideas to help you become a Strong-Skilled-Smart fitness pro.)


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