Seasonal Slump

2013-10-14 12.11.56


Apologies for the silence here at OnBalance last week.  I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately.  This shouldn’t be surprising to me– I spend six months creating a new fitness business develop program, and I launched Strong-Skilled-Smart at the very end of September.  I’ve been knee-deep in getting that off the ground for the past few weeks, both reveling in the success as well as feeling exhausted from all the work I’ve done.

In all the hubub, I’ve really neglected myself.  And I started feeling that last week.

I looked back at my workout log for October, and I’d missed more days than not.  I’ve had fun keeping up with the Balance Virtual Bootcamp workouts.  I’ve enjoyed getting back into cycling by biking my daughter to preschool at least one day per week.  But my regular running workouts were missing…. completely.

We’ve also been running around a lot as a family lately, going through life in neutral just trying to get everything done.  Thankfully, last Monday was a school holiday for my boys.  We took the day to go to out to Marble Falls and enjoy the fall festival at Sweetberry Farms.  Despite the rain and mud, we had a great time being outdoors, going through the corn maze, watching The Stowaway giggle while feeding goats, cutting flowers from the seemingly endless field pictured above, and generally enjoying being together.

Couple that with a family dinner night out to try a new, highly adored fried chicken restaurant near my house (which I enjoyed okay, but I guess I’m just not a fried chicken kind of person), and I got a real desire to start thinking about my  priorities again.

I’ve now calendared my workouts through the end of the year, and those include long runs.  Lots of long runs.  Like training-for-a-marathon long runs.  I haven’t run a marathon in nearly 10 years (I’ve run two ultras more recently), and I’m feeling the itch.  Committing myself to a long program like marathon training will help keep me on track through the winter.

A lot of people I meet are surprised that I go through fitness slumps.  But I’m human.  And even though I do really enjoy exercise– and the benefits it gives me both mentally and physically– sometimes I just need a little break.

Break’s over!

Good health and great happiness to you!




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