Product Review: SlimIce

2013-09-12 09.52.12

Weight loss and fat burning are two topics that people ask me about regularly.  There are lots of different theories out there– some based on science and some based on hope– about things people can do to accelerate their  weight loss.

The SlimIce pack is a product that  takes advantage of the body’s natural inclination to maintain the same temperature at all times.

Okay, class, say: “thermoregulatory homeostasis”.

By introducing cold to the upper back via the SlimIce Pack, the body engages the brown fat in the upper back and shoulders (this is the good fat that allows thermoregulartory homeostasis to occur) to burn off white fat (the bad kind that usually accumulates in places we don’t want it) as the body works to maintain its preferred temperature.

As you can see in the above photo, the SlimIce Pack is a small backpack into which the user inserts a frozen gel pack.  The pack is worn for 20 minutes per day (with a warning that more is not better), and the user is encouraged to wear it just before bed to maintain the fat burning.  Because I was testing this product in August and September in Austin, I chose to wear mine while I was in my hot kitchen making dinner each evening.  My only complaint with the physical product itself is that I had the straps on the smallest setting, and it was still fairly loose.  I am a petite person, though, and the SlimIce would certainly fit the average to above-average build.

I’ve been wearing the SlimIce pack daily for the last three weeks.  I can’t say I’ve noticed any real difference in my body composition, but I haven’t been trying to lose weight, either.  The informational packet that comes with the SlimIce stresses the importance of eating whole, nutritious foods as the cornerstone for weight loss.  I take issue with the suggestion to eat at least 30 grams of protein at breakfast, as this advice is given as a blanket statement.  While I certainly understand the importance of shifting from a carbohydrate-based breakfast to a protein-packed breakfast as a dietary change to lose weight, I prefer my nutrition direction to come from a registered dietitian or nutritionist.

On the whole, I understand the science behind SlimIce, and it is sound.  There are several good videos on the SlimIce website that go into more detail about how and why the product works to accelerate weight loss.  I always opt for the least-invasive methods of intervention when dealing with my own body, so I feel confident recommending that people who have made dietary changes and have a steady fitness routine for weight loss to add SlimIce as part of their overall wellness program.

The SlimIce product I wore was given to me by Bennett Johnston, creator of the product.  I received no further compensation for writing this blog post, and all opinions are mine.


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