I say it’s my BIRTHDAY!

Here I am, starting off the final year of my thirties, living a life of unexpected wonder.

If you’d told 21-year-old-me that when I turned 39 I’d be married to the person I am, I’d’ve laughed my fool head off.  It would have been a conversation-ending, on-the-floor-laughing kind of event.

If you’d  told 21-year-old-me that when I turned 39 I’d have three kids ranging from 2.5 to 10, I’d’ve just looked at you like a crazyperson.

If you’d  told 21-year-old-me that when I turned 39 I’d have a successful personal training business and be working to reach even more people year-after-year, I’d definitely be skeptical.

If you’d  told 21-year-old-me that when I turned 39 I be on the brink of launching a business development course for fitness professionals, I’d be pretty sure you were confusing me with someone else.

And, yet, here I am.

And (with apologies to Pete the Cat) it’s all good.

What I learn year-after-year is that I really have no idea what I’m doing with my life.  It wasn’t until I mentally rebranded that “lack of direction” into “following my passion” that I started to really grow, both in my relationships and in my business.  While it’s important to have a clear desire for growth in life, it doesn’t have to be a concrete and unchangeable plan.  To breathe deeply and listen to the wisdom of each moment allows me to enjoy what I am doing and chart my course based on what I find reasonable and fulfilling.

I look forward to the coming year, where I’ll share my time with my growing children, my awesome husband, and all of the clients and friends of Balance that make working in wellness so wonderful.

PS- If you’re in Austin, come on over for Aqua Kriya Yoga tonight.  It’ll be a deep-breathing party of mindful movement in the pool.

PSS- Also for you Austinites, I’ve started my prenatal/postnatal group exercise classes again.  Spread the word to your mama friends!


2 responses to “I say it’s my BIRTHDAY!

  1. I love this! I think we come alive creatively when we start “following our passion” and stop feeling bad about our “lack of direction.” Thanks for the great reminder.

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