Last Gasp

Today is the beginning of the last week of summer vacation for my kiddos. We’ve done a pretty good job working our way through our Fun Things To Do This Summer list– as well as spending a lot of time just Making It Up As We Go Along.  There’s never enough time to get to everything the kids want to do before the schedules of the school year start again.

One of the things we haven’t done yet but will do for sure this week is head up to the Rockin’ River water park.  While taking all three of my kids to a water park (even a small one) isn’t my most favorite thing, I’m planning on camping out in the beach entry area with The Stowaway while my boys float their day away on the lazy river.

And just today The Bear reminded me we haven’t done the hiking in McKinney Falls State Park that I promised we’d do.  Wish me luck– and an unusually cool day– as we check that off the list this week.  I’m not optimistic that we’ll find much water there.

What’s at the top of your list of things to do before the kids head back to school?  What have you done that’s so much fun you need to tell us about it?


1. Tomorrow night (Tuesday 8/20) at 7.30pm I’m hosting my August Full Moon by-donation Aqua Kriya Yoga class.  All monies raised from the class will be donated to Boston Children’s Hospital and my Miles for Miracles efforts that let me run Falmouth Road Race.  Email me (karen at balancepft dot com) for more information or class location/directions.

2. Balance Virtual Bootcamp Fall 2013 edition kicks off next Monday.  Sign up now & get motivated!

3. Would you be so kind as to click on that Top Mommy Blogs icon over there to the right ———->?  Thanks so much!


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