Run for Fun

A few nights ago, my family went to the beach for an evening picnic.  It was a cool, overcast evening, so the kids didn’t last long in the water.  That’s okay….they were excited to challenge Mom and Dad to some running races.

I must admit, this is one of our family’s favorite beach activities.  Give us an uncrowded stretch of sand, and we can run around for quite a while.

What?  This doesn’t sound like fun to you?

Trust me.  It was.





Even the stowaway was undaunted by her competition:


Touching the turnaround spot:


The Bear, running a time trial:


Racing Dad:


The Monkey always smiles like this while he runs:


Racing Mom:


There’s no “letting kids win” in our house:



Now you go Run for Fun, too!


2 responses to “Run for Fun

  1. So this is what families of fitness professionals do after dinner. I grew up in a family of engineers and our after dinner game of the square root game was equally competitive but not quite so active. 😉

  2. Ha! My boys– good little future enginerds– would love the square root game as much as they love running.

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