Hiking to the Beach

One of my boys’ favorite activities while on Cape Cod is hiking out to the Brewster mudflats.   This ecosystem is between the salt marshes and Cape Cod Bay, and it’s a treasure trove of flora and microfauna.

First, my boys chose which route to take:



Then we set out over the salt marsh.



There is a boardwalk through the marsh, but we were there near high tide, so much of the boardwalk was underwater.


After the marsh, we were “in the woods!” as my two-year-old kept exclaiming.



We came upon an ancient stone calendar, first used by the Native Americans that settled Cape Cod.



The woods end, and we were in a clearing overlooking Quivet Marsh.



Just another few minutes of hiking, and we found ourselves at the beach.



My kids played in the water for a while.  The Monkey insisted he didn’t need to wear a swimsuit, and we thought (completely incorrectly) The Stowaway wouldn’t want to play in the water.

DSC_0661 DSC_0674


We’ll have to go back at low tide.  I know the boys will make certain that happens.

On our hike back to the trailhead, part of the path had flooded out.  The Bear didn’t care.



This is a fun hike because it winds through so many different microclimates, but it’s relatively flat, easy enough to do in flip flops, and the perfect distance (just under 2 miles round trip) even for little ones to do under their own steam.  It was a great way to spend some time outdoors other than just camping out on the beach.

We did learn, however, that the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History (on the grounds of which the trailhead is located) will no longer let people park in the parking lot without paying museum admission, even if you’re just hiking the trail.  Free parking is at Little Drummer Boy Park, about 1/4 mile west on 6A.



2 responses to “Hiking to the Beach

  1. Wow. I loved reading about your adventure. Cape Cod is awesome! Looks like everyone had a fun time. New reader/follower here. Can’t wait to read about more of your adventures.

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