Vacation Ground Rules

Dear Karen,

I just thought I’d write a little letter so we’re clear on the ground rules for the vacation you just started.  I know it seems like it would be So!Much!Fun! to just laze about, eat whatever you want, and generally be slothful for a while, but you know that doesn’t actually make you feel very good.

So here are my Top Ten Vacation Ground Rules for Summer 2013:

1. Eat ice cream.  Just order the kiddie size and pay attention to the yumminess while you eat it.

2. Do 100 lunges across the beach before you ever sit down in the beach chair.

3. Find a new hiking trail each week.  Remember how excited the kids were when you took them out to the Brewster Mud Flats last year?  Let’s try to find another new Awesome Spot this year.

4. It’s a bazillion degrees back in Texas, so enjoy the cooler weather for long runs.

5. Lobster is delicious.  Go easy on the butter.  And double the steamed broccoli on the side.

6.  No matter how good the mindless chick lit is, playing with the kids in the ocean is what you came to do.  And pulling them on the boogie boards through the waves is a great workout.

7. Remember the year you ate a salad every day for either lunch or dinner?  That was a good idea.  Do it again.

8. Sleep is your friend.  Use this time with both parents and grandparents around to rest.  You never regret good sleep.

9. At least once, round up all the cousins for a day of baseball, paddleball, and relay races on the beach.  Sure, you’re a noisy lot, but the world needs more unbridled joy.

10. Practice Aqua Kriya Yoga in the ocean!  It’s going to be great!

And a BONUS:

Eyes on the prize– Falmouth Road Race is on August 11th.  Your running not just for yourself but for all the good people of Boston Children’s Hospital.   Make them proud.




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