Summer Outings



Even though I still see my personal training clients, run my virtual bootcamp, teach swimming lessons, and lead Aqua Kriya Yoga classes, I still have the majority of each day hanging out with my three kids.  Getting out and about in the summer is key to my survival (and enjoyment!) while being primary parent.

At the beginning of the summer, we made a very un-Pinterest-worthy poster board of all of the outings we wanted to go on this summer.  We’ve been working through our list steadily.  I thought I’d share some of our favorites we’ve done so far:

-Farmers Markets: I let each kid pick out a fruit that s/he wanted to try.  They took their decision-making very seriously, and we had a good time passing around our fruit and talking about what it tasted like.  There was also lots of discussion about where our food comes from and why our family tries to buy local, organic produce when possible.

-Hiking the Greenbelt: It’s shaded!  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a drop of water in the river we were hoping to wade in, but the kids still had a blast on the hike.

-Jumpoline: This is one of those giant play places with all kinds of trampolines.  We went at 10 am on a Saturday, right when they opened, and we were the only people there for nearly all of our hour of playtime.  Score!

-Splash Pads: We’re working our way across the city by visiting different splash pads.  (Thanks to Free Fun in Austin for their comprehensive info!)  This allows us to be active, keep cool, and hang out in ‘hoods we wouldn’t ordinarily visit.  It’s fun to be a tourist in your own town.

-Bowling: Our local bowling alley gives the kids a free game every day in the summer.  While we still pay $3 to rent shoes each time, it makes for an affordable air-conditioned activity for my boys.

– Roller Skating: The nationwide Kids Skate Free program gives free admission to my local roller rink for skating twice a week.  Again, we have skate rental ($3/visit) to pay, but we’ve been going with a group of friends so this activity can last all afternoon.  Nice!

-Swimming.  It wouldn’t be summertime in Texas without plenty of time in the pool.  The photo posted above is for nostalgia’s sake– that’s my kid who is about to turn 10, back when he was the age my daughter is now.

Get on out there and enjoy the summer with your kids.  They really do grow up fast.


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