Happy Independence Day!

If you’re in the US, you may be thinking today is all about taking it easy.  After all, it’s a federal holiday that’s going to kick of a lazy four-day weekend for a lot of people.

I’m here to encourage you to rethink your Fourth of July.  Rather than turn this holiday celebrating our freedom into a stereotype of what much of the world thinks of when the think of Americans (see lazy, above), why don’t you use this break from your work life to try a wellness challenge.

Maybe you want to dig way back into the onbalance blog and try my Explosive Independence Day workout.  The plyometrics will really get your heart rate thumping before you see your first firework.

Going to a hang out in someone’s pool today?  While you’re there, see if you can sneak in some exercise in the water.  There are some simple-to-do but good for you exercises in that workout.

If you’re in a part of the country where summer is only just arriving, you may be able to head out for a hike.  Exploring a new part of our great country– even if it’s just down the road from you– can give you a fresh perspective of all the beautiful resources we have.

Regardless of how you decide to exercise your freedom, take a deep breath and give thanks for all of the blessings it affords you.

Good health and great happiness to you!


One response to “Happy Independence Day!

  1. Good article. Happy 4th ….

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