Miles for Miracles


It’s been just over two months since the horrific attacks at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  As a four-time Boston finisher, I’ve been searching for a way to contribute meaningfully to the healing after the tragedy.  Let me tell you about my summer project.

I am fortunate to spend a considerable amount of time each year on Cape Cod.  That time is precious, as it is family time.  My kids get several weeks with their grandparents, and our nuclear family has plenty of lazy days at the beach, good hikes in the woods, and other outdoorsy adventures that take advantage of the New England weather and geography.

This year, I am going to run the Falmouth Road Race while I am on the Cape.  This world-famous race is the crown jewel of the New England Summer road racing season, and it has been on my to-race list for 15 years.  I decided that this was the year to run Falmouth, and I wanted to do it for a good cause.

I am running on a team who are fundraising for Boston Children’s Hospital.  I chose to support Boston Children’s as a way to give back to the medical community who did so much in the aftermath of the attacks at the Boston Marathon.  My love for The Hub is inextricably linked to the running community.   Furthermore, as a kid I spent a lot of hours on the weekends standing at the finish lines of races waiting with great excitement to cheer on my dad.

Boston Children’s is one of the best pediatric institutions in the world. The hospital brings hope to patients and their families who are waiting for new ways to treat or cure a variety of diseases. It’s a place where doctors and nurses never say “never.” It’s a place that won’t turn away families who can’t afford to pay for their care.

For example, earlier this month, Boston Children’s announced that they have found the root cause of Type 1 (formerly known as Juvenile) Diabetes.  The extraordinary research carried out at Boston Children’s has positioned them on the brink of a medical miracle.  To be able to identify, prevent, or even cure diabetes will change the lives of millions of kids– and their families– in a radically positive way.  Further studies and continued funding are what is needed to make that miracle happen.

Every dollar I raise helps make amazing things possible. You can make a difference with even a small contribution.  I have a fundraising goal of $1000….it’s aggressive, but so is my running goal of finishing Falmouth in under 56 minutes.  Will you please support me?

If you feel moved to make a tax-deductible contribution, my personal fundraising page is

Are you in Austin?  Come to my Aqua Kriya Yoga class tomorrow night, Saturday June 22nd from 8-9pm in Central Austin.    Rather than charge a class fee, this is a donation class, with all proceeds going to support Boston Children’s.  What a great way to celebrate the Summer Solstice, the full moon, and an expansive Saturday night!  Email me at to save your space in the pool.  I’ll reply with directions to the class.

If you’re not able to contribute financially and aren’t in Austin for the donation class, I sure would appreciate you leaving a comment here to cheer me on.   I am grateful for your support in whatever way you can give it.

Good health and great happiness to you.


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