Aqua Kriya Yoga is Here!

2013-06-09 09.04.32

What a glorious weekend!

I spent all day Saturday and Sunday at a training certification to become an Aqua Kriya Yoga instructor.  The weekend was one of peace, thoughtfulness, intentional movement, joy, and just plain fun.  I am so excited to bring aqua yoga to the Balance Personal Fitness Training community.

Aqua yoga hopes to bring  to the pool the breath and body awareness that so many enjoy through a practice on a sticky mat.  This wellness modality appeals to populations who have mobility issues as well as those who appreciate the healing sense of the water.  With my experience and love of working with prenatal women, I am looking forward to having pregnant women experience the buoyancy and stability of the water.   As someone who has labored in the water with all three of my children and birthed two of them into the water, I believe pregnancy, breath, water, and movement are a natural combination.

Spending the weekend with a group of ten women in an exploration of this new application of yoga was a powerful reminder of the energy that women have when they gather.  Aqua yoga is incredibly empowering– especially for people who have been intimidated by traditional yoga– and moving through the poses in the water and in the company of other women sparks instant community.  I envision leading classes at women’s retreats, girl’s night in, or with neighborhood moms groups.

The training was led by (Swami) Camella Nair, a well-respected yogi and the guru of aqua yoga.  Camella’s teaching style is a beautiful blend of yogic philosophy, practical application for working with students, and a healthy dose of reality.  For someone like me whose experience with yoga comes from a fitness angle rather than a spiritual or mystic avenue, Camella was welcoming, accepting, and inspiring.  I am honored to walk in her footsteps and spread the goodness of Aqua Kriya Yoga.

For details about my upcoming classes (starting THIS THURSDAY!) or hosting a private class, please see my brand new Aqua Kriya Yoga page on my website.

Good health and great happiness to you!



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