Fun in the Sun

2012-06-29 16.52.33

We had an amazing Spring in Austin this year.  The fact that we even had Spring was amazing enough, but the fact that it lasted so long was even more amazing.

But it’s Summer now.

And, wow, has Summer arrived with all the sun, heat, and humidity it can deliver.

There’s really not an option for us to just stay inside all summer.  We have to deal with the weather, but we want to do it wisely.  I have a three-pronged attack to having fun in the sun:

Sun Protection:  This is a no-brainer.  I am insistent on wearing sunscreen for both me and my kids.  I always check the Environmental Working Group’s Sunscreen guide when choosing the topical sun protection we’ll wear.  We also wear sunglasses when outside for any length of time.  I wear my big floppy straw hat (with SPF in it) if we’re out at a park or on the beach; in the pool I have a canvas hat that I’ve treated with SunGuard to give my face and eyes an added layer of protection.

Hydration: Everyone gets a water bottle, and the big kids are charged with remembering to bring it on outings.  I admit to having a very weak thirst cue, so not only am I bad at remembering to drink for my own hydration, but I’m bad at remembering to remind my kids to drink.  As summer heats up, though, we all need to do our best to stay hydrated.  Other than monster smoothies for breakfast, we drink only water in the summer.

Timing:  Unless we’re going to a splash pad or water park, our outdoor outings happen early in the morning so we can be home by 11am or late in the afternoon, like 4pm or after.   In Austin, we have the choice of (relatively) cooler temperatures in the morning while the humidity is high or hotter temperatures and less humidity.  When planning our exercise or outdoor adventures, we take this into consideration for each activity.

How do you keep cool and well in the summer sun?  Share your tips!

Good health and great happiness to you!

PS: You can also check out my pool post from last summer for a great outline of how we play safely in our pool.


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