Happy Birthday, Balance!

Balance Personal Fitness Training turns FIVE today.

Thank you.

No, really.

It is only with the support of you, the friends and clients of Balance, that I have the privilege of doing the work that I love, meeting wonderful people, and still being primary parent to my children.  It is such a blessing.

Five years ago I started with a dream of helping pregnant and postnatal women care for themselves by learning to exercise efficiently and effectively.  I wanted to remind women how strong and capable the human body is.  Through group classes and individual sessions, I have been fortunate to work with women during this pivotal phase of life.  My client base also includes a number of women both before and beyond the childbearing years.  And perhaps the greatest surprise (and honor) is when the women with whom I work are so pleased with their progress that they ask if I will work with their husband, too.

While in-home personal training is still the heart of my work, it has grown in ways I never would have imagined.  Who would have thought virtual training would be a viable method of delivering my skills and workouts?  It’s a brave new world!

For two years, I held an outdoor circuit training class for a small but committed group of participants.  The seeds of those workouts were used as the basis for the workouts in Balance Virtual Bootcamp, which just wrapped up Round One and will begin again mid-June.  It’s such a thrill to reach participants from all over the globe– so different from our neighborhood park beginnings.

Over the last four summers, I have taught swim lessons to nearly 200 children (and a few adults!), and watching them learn this life skill is thrilling beyond explanation.  Knowing that I can help children overcome a fear or discover a love for the water is satisfying.

I never would have imagined I would become a certified archery instructor.  But when that’s what the school PE program needs, I’m there.  To be involved with helping kids in my larger community learn new skills makes me realize how much I love working for and living a life of wellness.

Next weekend I’m going to a training to earn a certification to teach Aqua Kriya Yoga.  This practice brings me back to the heart of my business: wellness for every body.  Aqua Yoga is fantastic for pregnant women, stroke patients, and people with larger bodies.  I’m excited to be able to bring this practice to the Balance community.

In addition to all the offerings at Balance, I’m also working on my new venture EQUIP Fitness Business Development.  I’m looking forward to sharing all that I have learned through my five years with Balance with others who are committed to building a fitness and wellness business.  I’m using my background as a college professor to deliver the EQUIP material in a clear, logical progression.  It feels like the right direction for my talents to be used.

But, most importantly, thank you.  Your trust and confidence are much appreciated.

I eagerly await the adventures that the next five years will bring!



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