The Pain of Motherhood

I hope all of you moms had a happy mother’s day.  I had a delightful day with my brood– there was breakfast in bed, games of Skip-Bo, a nap with my daughter, running around at the playground, time to sew my oldest a swimsuit, and a nice dinner at a restaurant with tablecloths.

I am reminded that my body contributes to my mothering in so many ways, even now that my gestating and nursing days are over.  Like many of the women I work with, I have nagging minor pains from being pregnant and/or nursing for much of the last decade.  Being mindful of my posture and body mechanics helps me go through my daily activities with greater ease.

If you are a new mom or expecting a baby soon, paying extra attention to some of the repetitive motions of your caretaking can help you avoid some common pains of new motherhood.  Whether you have tightness in your neck or shoulders from nursing or a strained back from carrying that darn bucket carseat around, there are ways you can protect your body.

A few years ago, I was interviewed by journalist Peggy Bourjaily for an article in Pregnancy 360 magazine that addresses the common pains new moms experience.   Take a look for my tips and tricks to keep yourself healthy.  There are some illustrations of simple exercises anyone who has strained muscles from  childbirth and newborn care.

Please do take care of yourself, Mom.

Good health and happiness to you.

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