Hey, Mom

I just wanted to write you– yes, you– a quick note to let you know I’m thinking of you.

With Mother’s Day on Sunday, I’m thinking of you and all the other mamas I’ve had the privilege of working with over the last five years.  Many of my clients have been women pregnant with their first child.  The anticipation and excitement is always thrilling, and to be a part of the growing family’s well-being is a real honor.  To walk with these women as they transition into motherhood, to hear their stories of changing bodies and priorities, is one of the real joys of being a perinatal trainer.

Ten years ago, I was awaiting the birth of my first child.  I had just met a group of women in an NCT class who would become my family through the first year of motherhood.  There is no Mother’s Day that goes by that I don’t think of these women, half a world away, and how they shaped my mothering.  Having a community of new moms to share our experiences galvanized our friendships for life.

I also think of all the moms of my friends growing up.  There was the mom who let us do whatever we wanted to, the mom who always seemed tired and grouchy but wanted us around anyway, and the mom who always seemed to have it 100% together.  Now, as an adult and mother, I have a tremendous appreciation for those women, who were undoubtedly balancing their own interests and struggles with the needs of their kids (and their kids’ friends) just as I am now.  I am mindful of how my friends’ mothers influenced me and recognize I can have the same powerful effect on my kids’ friends.

So, Mom, this Mother’s Day, let’s be nice to ourselves.  When we get that feeling that we aren’t being a perfect parent for our child, let’s remember how many other mothers are helping us in our childrearing journey.  Taking time to be ourselves– honoring our own interests, separate from our children, and taking care of our bodies– will ensure we can offer our best selves to the mothering community.

Take a deep breath, Mama.

You’ve earned it.

Good health and great happiness to you.

Photo credit: Shannon Cunningham of Photo Frolic

Photo credit: Shannon Cunningham of Photo Frolic


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