Safety first!

Last Tuesday, I was driving through the UT campus and witnessed an extremely close call between a car and a cyclist.  It was scary for my nine-year-old to see, and it gave us a lot of conversation about following the rules of the road, wearing helmets, and always cycling with vigilance.  We also talked about how scary it is for drivers in these close calls.

Fast-forward to yesterday afternoon, when I was leaving the grocery store.  As I pulled out of my parking spot, a cyclist collided with the rear quarter panel of my car.  He hit with enough force that his torso came over and rolled on the top of my trunk.  I slammed on the brakes, threw the car into park, and hopped out immediately.

Thankfully, the rider wasn’t injured beyond an abrasion on his shoulder.  We were both fairly shaken up, though.

This accident was just that– I was looking in the direction from which he rode, but he was riding in close to the backs of the cars parked adjacent to me.  I couldn’t see him, and he couldn’t see my reverse lights.  He had just ridden down a hill into the parking lot and was travelling fairly fast.  We were both glad he wasn’t seriously injured.

Please, my friends.  You are precious.

Even if there are cycle-friendly drivers who are looking for you, ride in such a way they can see you.

You’re worth it.


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