Balance Virtual Bootcamp Update


We’re wrapping up Week Five of my eight-week Balance Virtual Bootcamp, and it’s rockin’!  I could tell you all about how awesome it is, how great it is to have a professional exercise plan laid out three times a week for eight weeks, and how easy it is to modify all of the exercises to a variety of fitness levels.  But you know I’d say all of that.

Let me share with you what some of the participants have said:

  • I’m liking the variety of workouts so by the end of the week I have hit all the different muscle groups including cardio.
  • Just want to say how much I am loving this Virtual Bootcamp. The workouts are always challenging, always different, yet they are short enough to squeeze them into the busiest of days.
  • [In just four weeks,] my scores have definitely improved since the first tests. I could especially feel a difference in strength!

In addition to the workouts, participants have found a supportive community on our private Facebook group.  We’ve shared ideas for workouts on ‘off’ days, modifications for injuries or illness, strategies for fitting workouts in to busy life, and more.

And because several people have asked already, I *WILL* be running another session of Balance Virtual Bootcamp, kicking off Monday June 17th.  If you want to make sure you’re notified when registration opens:

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I won’t share your email with anyone or use it for any purpose other than letting you know that it’s time to sign up for Summer 2013 Balance Virtual Bootcamp!


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