Winding Down

Even though there are six more weeks of school for my kids, this seems to be the week of the wind down.

  • Last “Scottie Singers” school chorus performance for The Bear.  (Today in the Rotunda of the State Capitol at noon, in case you work downtown and want to hear some talented and adorable kids.)
  • Last Religious Ed class was yesterday.  And there was much rejoicing from the children.
  • Last soccer practice is this week, and the last game is on Saturday.
  • Last piano practice for The Bear is tomorrow, and his recital is on Sunday.

As much as I love giving my children the opportunity to play sports, learn music, and be a part of their school and church communities, I must admit that I really love when all of these activities wrap up for the year.

The timing couldn’t be better this year: today I start teaching swimming lessons in the afternoons.  It’s a real luxury to get out of the pool and have time to shower off before making dinner for my family.  No rushing off to practice or rehearsals!  For someone who prizes balance in work and family life, this schedule feels just right.

I feel fortunate that my kids don’t ask to be in every class or camp they hear about.  I know that as they get older, our precious family time will dwindle, so I’m savoring it now.

How do you keep a sense of balance (and sanity) with your kids’ activities, your intellectual or creative pursuits, and general family life?




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