Get your Goods for Less

There is a misconception about sports and fitness equipment that it is all really expensive.  Sure, I’ve been lusting over a Concept 2 Rower for the better part of five years but haven’t yet taken the leap into dropping $1500 to buy one.


But other than that beauty, I’ve just never really been tempted to buy anything big or expensive to help with my fitness program.

I’m more of a less-is-more kind of gal.

I use things like resistance bands, medicine balls, stability balls, and dumbbells to get my strength workouts done.  All my cardio workouts require is a good pair of shoes.  To exercise this way is quite effective while also being fiscally efficient.

One of the great things about exercise equipment is how many people buy it but then never use it.  (Hang with me– you’ll see why this is a great thing in just a sec….)  This means *you*–the dedicated exerciser–have the opportunity to acquire said equipment for a fraction of the original cost.  Or if you’re savvy and use CraigsList or Freecycle, there’s a chance you can get it for nothing.

If you’re participating in Balance Virtual Bootcamp and still need to get some dumbbells, search your local CraigsList or put up an ad on Freecycle.   If you don’t want to deal with the potential flakiness of strangers (the big downside to using these otherwise awesome services), head to a sports equipment resale shop.  I’ve had excellent luck with my local Play-it-Again-Sports shop, and I send my personal training clients there when they want to add to their equipment collection.

Also, if you have kids in sports, the resale shop can save you a bundle.  I bought practically new soccer cleats for The Bear for $5 when he pointed out his toes were getting crunched in his old shoes.  There were bins and bins of soccer cleats, baseball cleats, and running spikes in addition to all types of necessary equipment to outfit your little athlete.

And, yes, I scour CraigsList, Freecycle, and the resale shop for a Concept 2 Rower.  I haven’t found one, yet, though.

None of the retail or online establishments mentioned asked me to write about them. I’m simply a fan of a good bargain and wanted you to know where to find  a deal.



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