My Goals, Your Goals

Goal setting is a key to success for pretty much everything I’m involved in.  Fitness goals keep me motivated and prevent me from slacking off even when one of my three darlings has kept me up much of the night.  Business goals keep me focused even when it feels like all I have time for is keeping all the plates spinning.


When I first meet with a new personal training client, we spend some time thinking about goals.  Big, long-term goals are often what people think of first, but the smaller, incremental, short-term goals are what create consistency with exercise.  Knowing that we can achieve little bits at a time is extremely motivating.

My big, long-term goal for my business is to reach even more people so I can spread the word about how efficient exercise can be effective, and functional fitness is a reality that even the busiest people can achieve.  To that end, I have started offering virtual personal training.  By utilizing skype or google hangouts, I can reach clients who are far away; even more exciting to me, though, is being able to reach people who aren’t able to access traditional fitness programs due to social anxiety, postpartum depression, or morbid obesity.  I have felt honored to work with people for whom exercise has been a challenge.  Helping them learn to set small goals and work to achieve them has positive ramifications in all parts of their lives.

In the short term, Balance Virtual Bootcamp kicks off on MONDAY!  I’ve been really pleased with the response I’ve received.  Having met my first registration goal, I’m going to set a new one: if TEN MORE people register before Sunday at 11:59pm, I’m going to raise the CASH participation prize from $100 to $250.

If TWENTY more people register, I’ll offer one $250 prize and one $100 prize.

Pass the word!

Once you register, you’ll receive an invitation to join our private FB page.  We’re having a discussion there now about the goals everyone is setting for participating in the bootcamp.  Come join us!


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