What is circuit training anyway?

I got a great question a few days ago from someone inquiring about Balance Virtual Bootcamp: What is circuit training anyway?

Circuit training  describes a workout that is made up of a group of exercises, and each exercise is done for either a certain amount of time or a certain number of repetitions.  There is little to no rest between exercises.  After all the exercises are completed– the end of one circuit– there is usually a short rest period and then the circuit is repeated.

Sometimes circuits are made up of strength-training (or resistance) exercises.  Sometimes they are a variety of cardio exercises performed one right after the other.  Sometimes circuits have a few resistance exercises punctuated by a cardio interval.   The flow of exercises one to the next is what determines the focus and challenge of each workout.  When a circuit has been thoughtfully designed, it is an effective and and time-efficient workout.

Circuit training is the basis for Balance Virtual Bootcamp because the goal of the program is to offer workouts that:

  • use a small list of equipment while delivering an effective physical challenge.
  • can be completed in under 40 minutes, maximum.  Most will be around 30 minutes including warm up and cool down.
  • are designed to focus on full body strengthening and functional fitness.
  • require a small amount of physical space, so they can easily be done in-home.

I hope that’s helpful to you.  If you have other questions, feel free to leave a comment here or ask them on my Facebook page.

Here’s a little CHALLENGE for you today: Pick two days this week, and wake up 20 minutes earlier than normal.  Use that time to breathe deeply, stretch, or go for a walk.  You just might be surprised by how waking up just a bit earlier than normal to make time for intentional movement sets the tone for an awesome day.


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