Bootcamp Buddies


Have you signed up yet?

I’m really excited about the group of people who have already committed themselves to 8-weeks of healthy living.  You should join them!

Afraid you won’t know anyone?  Would you rather workout with a buddy?

Here’s a TOP TEN list of people who are probably also just sitting around wishing they had someone to work out with:

1. Your mom.  You know she always wants to spend time with you.  This is a great way for you have a shared experience with her, even if you don’t live in the same city.

2. Your spouse.  If you get your partner on board, you’re both more likely to succeed.

3. Your teenager.  Really!  Why not do something active and healthy together.  It’s low-pressure but high reward!

4. The co-worker who drives you crazy.  Whaaaat?  Sure!  Like your surly teen, if you can find some common ground, who knows where that will lead?

5. The neighbor who had a baby a few months ago but you haven’t seen leave her house since then.

6. That friend on Facebook who is always posting about wanting to eat better or lose 10 pounds but doesn’t know how.

7. Your old high school athletic teammate who likes to reminisce about the good ol’ days.

8. Your pal who ran her first race last month and was totally gung ho about it but is now kinda lost in her exercise habit.

9. That stranger you always say “hi” to while you’re out on your daily walk, and you both look at each other like you’d like to have more of a conversation or walk together but neither of you has the courage to say so.

10. The person who has most inspired you to lead a fit and healthy life. You know they’d be honored to mentor you through this program if you’d just ask already.

And a BONUS:

11. Those fake internet friends.  You know who I’m talking about.  Those people who you’ve been chatting with online for years but have never met in person.  I know they exist– they’re the reason Balance Virtual Bootcamp is happening!

Go be the person who gets someone else moving.  Go be the good example in someone else’s life.  Go do something good for your *own* self for a change.  

Who are you going to ask to join Balance Virtual Bootcamp with you?


PS- May I please ask again if you’d scroll down and find the “Top Mommy Blogs” button on the right sidebar.  Over there ———————–>  Now give it a click, please.  Grazie!!


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