Yummies from Pinterest

On Monday I told you that I’d started some Pinterest boards for friends of onbalance and Balance Personal Fitness Training.  I also told you that I’d share with you some of the recipes that are “instant classics” that I’ve found on Pinterest.  And being a person of my word, here we go:

Baked Oatmeal Casserole



This is a super easy, super fast all-real-food breakfast casserole. Bake it once, refrigerate, and eat it all week long.  (If you can keep your kids out of it, which I can’t.)  It is flexible in its ingredients– the photo shows raspberries, but I often use blueberries or blackberries instead– and can be altered to suit a wide range of tastes.  I’ve decreased the sugar from the original recipe and changed to mini chocolate chips which get all melt-y lovely even when the casserole is reheated in the microwave.  The best part is that 1/6 of this recipe is quite filling and comes in under 300 calories.  It’s a tasty start to the day.

Energy Balls



This protein-packed alternative to a cookie brings me back to my childhood.  My mom called these “no bake cookies” and loaded them up with wheatgerm instead of flaxseed. (Hey, it was the 70s!)  These energy balls are quick to make, store well in the fridge, and are a great after-school treat.  They’re also a huge hit with my boys’ soccer teams when I bring them for the after-game snack.

I don’t love getting my hands all peanut butter-y, though, so I use a small ice cream scooper (1″ diameter) to do the dirty work for me.  I used to let my kids make up the balls themselves, but then I found there wasn’t much left for another day.  That’s how yummy these are.

Copycat Nature’s Valley Granola Bars



My desire to try this recipe was fueled by nostalgia.  Ohmygosh, how I loved the crinkly green wrapper of the Nature’s Valley Oats & Honey granola bars.  Who cares that they were crumbly as all get out and made a mess?  They were an integral part of my school lunch throughout my childhood.

But in my quest to limit processed foods, I wanted to come up with an alternative for my kids.  I doubled the recipe on the site linked above and put it into my jelly roll pan.  The cost-benefit analysis of this recipe indicates is a huge win.  Although I wasn’t able to cut my pan into the tidy little bars that the original poster did, I have a lot of sizable granola chunks that are still quite delicious.  My boys were thrilled to pack them in their lunchboxes this morning.

The best part about each of these recipes is that they are all made from real food.  The other best part (yes, I can have more than one) is that they are all short prep but big payoff kinds of recipes.  I’m all about working once and eating for a while.

There you go– if you’re still on the fence regarding whether you should dive into  Pinterest, I urge you to go take a look.  I have pinned each of these recipes to my Healthy Recipes board so you can repin them easily.  If you’re not a Pinterest user and have no plans to become one (boooo!  hissssss!), the links above will take you directly to the original posting for each of the recipes.

What’s your best Pinterest find for healthy recipes?


3 responses to “Yummies from Pinterest

  1. Love the baked oatmeal!! I have recipes for banana bread and apple pie versions on my blog that are super yummy, cannot wait to try this variation!

    • I’ll have to try your apple pie version– my husband will love it. I laughed at your shrimp stir fry post….I posted my superquick shortchut shrimp stirfry a few weeks ago. Great minds think alike!

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