Balance Virtual Bootcamp– Spring 2013


Registration is OPEN!

If you’re just now joining us at onbalance and are confused by what I’m talking about, slow down.  Get yourself up to speed by checking out the Balance Virtual Bootcamp info page on my website.

If you know what I’m talking about and want to commit yourself to an efficient, effective exercise program for eight weeks, here’s how you get to the registration page.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of a virtual bootcamp but have questions, post them in a comment, and I’ll answer them right away.

Here are some things I’m pretty excited about:

  • Workouts are delivered directly to your email in-box.  How easy is that?
  • Each exercise will be linked to photos and/or video of Yours Truly with modification options, so beginners are very welcome.
  • I’ve set up a private Facebook group for all members of the Balance Virtual Bootcamp 2013.  We’ll use this community to answer questions, provide support, and encourage each other to healthy living.
  • Just registering for the bootcamp puts you in a drawing for $100 at the conclusion of the eight week program.  Who wouldn’t love $100 to spend on a new swimsuit for your new body, just as summer starts?!
  • Participating in the Facebook community earns you an extra entry into the cash prize drawing.  There will be other ways to earn extra entries if you don’t Facebook.
  • All of this support and direction is only $45.  You’re worth the investment!

Good health and great happiness to you!


4 responses to “Balance Virtual Bootcamp– Spring 2013

  1. I’m interested in this and hope it works out! I have some questions about the workouts. What format will they be delivered in?

    • Hi Laurel,
      The workouts will be delivered via email. Each workout will have a suggested warmup (with link to video), the body of the workout (each exercise has a link to a video), and a suggested cooldown (with link to video). I’ve set it up so that beginners have all the resources they need to perform the exercises with good form and experienced exercisers aren’t distracted by information they don’t need.
      Hope that helps!
      Cheers, Karen

      • Hi Karen, I will only have an iPad to watch, so just checking these are on YouTube? Not all players are apple-friendly…

  2. Yes, the video links go to You Tube.

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