Family, Food, and Fitness

Last week, I posted a link on my Facebook page about a series that NPR published last week called On The Run: How Families Struggle to Eat Well and Exercise.  It is such an interesting look into American family life for those of us interested in food and fitness.

The series explores topics like how families use food as an expression of love (daughter of an Italian mother here!), how exercise is often more by schedule than lifestyle, and how the concept of the family dinner is like a fairytale to many American families.

Well researched and compellingly presented, each of the stories sheds light on how complicated seemingly simple topics are for today’s families.  Sleep, food, and exercise– how hard can it be?  The reality is, it’s hard.  

Sleep is sacrificed for school or extra-curricular activities.

Food comes from unknown sources, is highly processed, and often isn’t eaten how and when parents think.

Fitness is just one more chore for many families, as our communities aren’t always designed to make lifestyle fitness like walking or biking easy.

All in all, the series provides excellent food-for-thought for modern families.  I do hope you find some time to listen to the stories and share the themes with your family around your dinner table– or wherever else you and your loved ones catch up.

Good health and great happiness to you



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