Time Marches On

How’d it get to be March?

I sent out my Spring newsletter this morning.  Did you get it?   If not, subscribe here!

I’ll fill you in on the FOUR big things you missed:

1. Balance Virtual Bootcamp Launch– That’s right.  All of your excuses about not being able to work out because you don’t have a gym membership, don’t know what to do, or can’t get motivated are GONE!  I’ll be blogging more about how this bootcamp is going to work in the next few weeks, but here is an overview.

2. Swimming Lessons Registration Coming Up– I know, it’s only March!  But people have been asking me since January 4th to sign up for swim lessons.  So I have set April 1st as the “first wave” of registration.  Contact me to let me know you want to be in that group!  In the meantime, here’s the logistical info for swim lessons.

3. Personal Training Rate Increase– I haven’t raised my rates since August 2011, so it’s time.  (“Boo! Hiss!” I hear you say.)  The good news is that my clients keep their rate for the duration of our time working together regardless of any future rate increases.  (“Wow!  She’s like the FOREVER stamps!” I hear you say.)  That’s a heck of a deal, so contact me to get on my calendar before April 1st.

4. EQUIP Fitness Business Development announcement– I so love what I do that I have decided to help other people follow their work-life balance dreams.  I’ve created a step-by-step web-based program to guide new entrepreneurs through the process of launching a fitness business.  The first cohort starts in September, so spread the word!

Anyone else have big news to share?


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