Movement for the Thinking Person

As a personal trainer who is interested in teaching her clients to exercise efficiently and effectively, I often program movements that utilize the kinetic chain.  That’s a fancy way of saying that I like the whole body to be engaged in a movement, as I believe it helps the muscles to work better in concert with each other and, thus, provide better overall functional fitness.

My friend, Michelle Wald, is a physical therapist and bodyworker, and I’ve been hearing her describe her work for the last several years.  I know Michelle is a certified Aston-Patterning practitioner, too, and I was curious what that was really all about.

Today I went to the Austin treasure Casa de Luz for an Aston sampler workshop led by Judith Aston herself.  In three hours, Judith led our group through some of the core practices of Aston Kinetics.  From finding places in the body where tension is held to identifying the most comfortable, neutral posture for my body, the workshop was an engaging full body experience.  Unlike other fitness workshops I’ve been to, though, this was also emotionally uplifting.

I spend a lot of time thinking about how I move.   I do this to be efficient, keep myself well, and act intentionally.  It was wonderfully reassuring to discover that what I do intuitively is at the heart of Judith Aston’s years of research and experience.  I left the workshop feeling confident about the patterns of movement I point out to my clients and the reasons it is beneficial to change them.  Knowing that I am helping my clients achieve the same sense of physical well-being is validating.

I look forward to doing more study of Aston Kinetics and incorporating this bodywork into my clients’ programs– and my own happier body, too!




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