Super Foods for the Superbowl

Many people are getting excited for tomorrow’s Superbowl matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens.  While I’m a sports fan, pro football isn’t really my favorite, especially when the big game falls on my baby girl’s second birthday.  But if you’re having a party or going to a party, I thought I’d give you some healthy options.

Isn’t that fruit-filled helmet cool?  The good folks at the National Watermelon Promotional Board (seriously…I didn’t make that up) have a tutorial for how you can recreate your very own.  Even the most junk-food loving partygoer will be impressed.

If you want to fancy up your fruit a little bit, give it a little chocolate football jacket.  An uber-creative person at craftgawker came up with that one.

Guacamole is always a hit.  Add some carrots, bell pepper strips, or whole wheat pitas to use as dippers.

For a savory main dish, try Gina’s Skinny Italian Meatballs.  They are delicious dipped in a little marinara, and you’ll never miss the fat and calories of regular meatballs.

If you’re at a party where healthy options are limited (or non-existent), come up with a new game plan.  Allow yourself to eat only during the first quarter, or wait until halftime and eat only during the break.   If you’ve chosen something particularly indulgent, make sure you’re paying attention as you eat it so as to savor it.

That said, I’ll be savoring some owl cupcakes with my birthday girl.



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