Tuesday Timesaver

Like most people, I have a lot to do.  And while I am fortunate to enjoy exercise, there are plenty of days where I have to work to squeeze it into my schedule.  Both my personal training clients and regular readers of onbalance know I advocate creating a workout calendar.  But there are some days when life just happens, and the workout I have planned doesn’t jive with my reality.  What to do then?

Be efficient.   

This morning, I had 30 minutes in which I wanted to accomplish three things: 1) tidy up my family room, 2) feed my daughter her breakfast, and 3) get in a short weight workout.

If you have a two year old or have ever been around a two year old, you know that containment was key to my success.  I put my daughter into her highchair and gave her the breakfast I so lovingly put together.  (Okay, so it wasn’t too hard to peel an already hard-boiled egg, put some already cut fruit on to the plate, and fill up her sippy cup with milk.)  I was then able to put away the toys and books strewn about my family room and give it a quick sweep.   I asked my daughter to help by pointing to where each of the items belonged.  Furthermore, I paid attention to how my body was moving when I was cleaning up.  By focusing on bending and lifting with good mechanics and sweeping with low shoulders and a tight core, I was using this task as the warm-up for my workout.

Once I got the room to a more tolerable state, I was ready to lift some weights.  I won’t bore you with what the actual workout was, but as I lifted I talked to my daughter about why I was doing it.  We talked about the importance of being strong and healthy.  We talked about different body parts and how muscles work.  We talked about the foods that she was eating and how they help nourish her body.  By engaging her in conversation during my workout, she ate happily and was content to stay in her highchair (for which I am grateful).

This type of multi-tasking is the norm of my life.  I’m sure you have your own ways of getting everything done—I’d love to hear them! 




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